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(For Indian weddings/multiple day weddings, please contact for separate pricing conditions!)

All Packages Include

- Steadicams

- Full Cinematic Video Edit of Couple + Full Coverage Recap Video

- Professional Film Cinematographers

- Delivery in 12-16 weeks (sooner if possible)

- Amazing HD Footage

- Digital Copy and EasyLink for family and friends to view

Additional requests can include but are not limited to: Sameday/Nextday Edits, Additional Camera Team, Drones, Pre-Shoots, Custom Made Songs, etc.

- Each option below is a base price. Prices may vary pending on if you would need the team for longer hours or if anything might change towards the arrival of the day. You may also add anything you'd like to any package as well, or mix and match. Just tell us what you need and we'll get it done.



- 1 camera operator

- 1 camera

- 6 hrs of footage capture  (we'll work 6hr/day)

- Cinematic Wedding Edit + Full Coverage Recap Video



- 2 camera operators

- 2 cameras

- 8 hrs of footage capture (we'll work 8hr/day)

- Cinematic Wedding Edit + Full Coverage Recap Video



(most popular)

- 2 camera operators 

- 2-3 cameras

- Full day of footage capture (we'll work a full day)

- Cinematic Wedding Edit + Full Coverage Recap Video

- Drone operator

- 1 drone



- 3 camera operators

- 3-4 cameras

- Full day of footage capture (we'll work a full day)

- Cinematic Wedding Edit + Full Coverage Recap Video

- Drone operator

- 1 drone


You Decide!

You give US the price! Tell us your price range and we'll mock up a custom package to suit your needs. Don't let a simple price tag get in the way of making your dream wedding video come true. ALL PRICES WELCOME!

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