Falling Motion Weddings is a wedding video production company that specializes in all cultures and religions of weddings including: traditional Catholic weddings, Celebrations of Love, East Asian Weddings and more! Each employee with a filmmaking background, Falling Motion Weddings finds importance in 'capturing the little moments' as much as the big ones. This is your special day...or week for some. So we make it fun. We make it good. And most of all, we make it real.



Akil is a director, editor, and cinematographer with extensive knowledge in each of his respective fields of work. He has worked on commercials, music videos, weddings, short films, and more. He has worked with clients such as Carlsberg, Chanel, Red Bull, and Lexus. Artists he has worked alongside with include: Desiigner, Sarahba, Scott Storch, Jenson Vaughn, Scott Helman, and Main Source.  He is a hard worker that takes pride in every job and adjusts quickly to any situation. He prides himself on his easy going people skills and charismatic attitude.


CEO and Founder of Falling Motion

Abigail Chan is a freelance videographer and editor who loves capturing joyful moments and turning them into lifelong memories. Growing up in Manila, Philippines and now based in Mississauga, Ontario, Abigail encourages a diverse perspective when it comes to filming various media such as weddings, live events, corporate videos, or short films. With a BA in Film and Television from Sheridan College, she strives to deliver the most professional, creative and most engaging content possible. She is not afraid to try new things and approaches everything with a positive attitude. She would love to open up a conversation on how to make your dream video come true. 



President of Falling Motion Weddings

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